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Hormone Optimization

Bio-identical Hormone Pellet Therapy

For optimum hormone replacement therapy results, trust your health only with a certified pellet therapy expert.


We start your journey towards optimal health by conducting an in-depth personalized consultation with one of our expert providers.

Prior to your consultation, we will have you complete the symptom checklist and pull a comprehensive lab panel to identify the root cause of your symptoms.



Once we receive your lab reports, we evaluate the treatment options to most effectively address your individual needs. We then establish your comprehensive therapy plan.

Our system is designed to uncover the root problems causing disease and unhealthy aging.

Unfortunately, most “Brand Name” Pellet Therapies leave out too many important steps in the process.  Therefore, they are not successful in optimizing your health properly.


Your treatment will consist of an in-depth therapy customized with Hormone Pellets, Thyroid, Vitamin D and many other nutrients depending on your symptoms.

Our expert team will provide you with an integrated therapy plan for you to heal and enrich all areas of your life.

Soon you can truly Feel Better, Function Better and Live Better!


Hormones tell your cells what to do! You NEED THEM!

Why do you need to keep your hormones in balance?

Aging is also associated with an increase in diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and some cancers. Studies show that by controlling visceral fat, maintaining muscle mass, and supporting cardiovascular health through exercise people remain healthier and have lower risk for diseases of aging. The effects of aging correlate with the reduction in our hormone levels. At about the age of 25, there is a dramatic shift in our hormone levels leading to symptoms of aging. 

You no longer have to accept aging and its many side-effects. At Regenacell Therapies, it is our mission to use evidenced based medicine to assist you in combating the side-effects of aging. We use plant-based bioidentical hormones to replace the hormones your body is no longer producing.

We specialize in the natural restoring of your hormone levels so you can feel amazing, look amazing, and spend your life living instead of managing disease. Proper hormone balance gives your body what it needs to function and operate at an optimal level to help improve your quality of aging. A 30-minute consultation is all it takes for our specialists to discover if bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is right for you.

 “Hormone replacement prevents weight gain. HRT favors weight loss by increasing lipid oxidative, improves insulin response and lowers plasma lipids.” [1]

Ready to see if you qualify for this natural therapy?

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1. MATURITAS 1999 AUG; 16 32(3): 147 -53 [PUBMED]

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