Advance Care Credit

Advance Care Credit is a healthcare credit card designed for your health and wellness care.  Advance Care Credit provides Regenacell an opportunity to offer healthcare financing made easy.
  • Secure on-line, paperless application process
  • A wide range of credit is accepted
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties!
  • Interest Free Periods
  •  Instant credit decisions!
Interest free periods are available and include 12- and 6-month programs. The length of the interest free period is determined by the credit history of the applicant!

Convenient Payment Plans!

How it Works


Select “Apply Now

Choose current credit status from: Excellent, Good and Fair

You will be directed to the product which best matches your credit situation

Complete and submit the secure on-line application

Receive an instant credit decision

Make funding a non-issue…

Patient Benefits

Credit lines from $500 to $25,000 are available to the patient.  Interest free periods of 12 or 6 months.  All monies paid during the interest free period are applied directly to the principal allowing you to reduce the debt quickly.  The remaining balance after the interest free period expires is subject interest. Minimum payments of 2% of the balance are required during the interest free period
Advance Care Card - Apply Today!

Restore Your Health

Renew Vitality

Feel Good Again

Get Back to Doing Things You Love